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Kumar Industries recognizes that health and safety is both an individual and a shared responsibility of all workers and others involved with the operation of the organisation. In this regard, we emphasize the need to follow and adhere to safe work practices at all times, to ensure that no one is exposed to an uncontrolled health and safety risk for themselves or any other person, and to develop an ever-improving safety culture within our company.

Towards this commitment, we shall:

  • Provide adequate information, instruction and training for workers and others to increase personal understanding of work, health and safety hazards and to ensure proper supervision and support, including the proper handling of machines.

  • Involve workers, suppliers and clients in all work, health and safety matters, and to consult with them in ways to reduce hazards and improve control methodologies.

  • Eliminate work related injury and illness and minimize work, health and safety risks throughout our operations.

  • Establish ongoing objectives in work, health and safety management as part of an ongoing action plan, and to regularly review its performance and that of its officers and general supervisors against the objectives of this policy.

Safety Policy

Safety At Workplace

Quality Policy-QMS

  • Kumar Industries is committed to Customer Satisfaction by manufacturing high quality products through constant monitoring of customer feedback.

  • Company is committed to boost its brand image through sustained product performance & serving customer requirements in order to attain customer satisfaction.

  • Training and Motivating all employees to ensure that the entire organization march towards achieving quality objectives.

Quality Objectives

  • Continual Improvement by training of employees for better service quality.

  • Training and Motivating all employee to ensure that the entire organization is equipped and capable of achieving quality objectives.

  • Up-gradation of relevant technology and production process according to changing needs of the organization. 

Quality Control
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